284. Very rare oversized Maine loon decoy c1890-1900 with a deeply inlet (81/2 in) head and neck. In attractively worn original paint. 23 “ from tip of bill to end of the tail. 4500-6500 284 285 286 287 288 285. Over-sized white winged scoter by Gus Wilson, (1864-1950). A lighthouse keeper in Maine. A bold carving in good old working paint with an inlet head and neck and carved wing outlines. “RJ” carved into the bottom. A marvelous sculpture by Maines most revered decoy maker. 3000-5000 286. Black Duck by Gus Wilson (1864-1950). A lighthouse keeper in Maine. in good old working paint with inlet head and neck, carved eyes and slightly turned head. Knot visible on the lower left wing due to the choice of material in the making. 1200-1800 287. Early white winged scoter decoy from Maine c1880-1900 in nicely time darkened paint. Alert pose with a turned head. features carved tail feathers and elliptical carved eyes. 17½“ bill tip to end of tail. Wonderful Folk art sculpture. 3000-5000 288. Canada Goose with an open bill and crook neck. Excellent original paint, large tack eyes, tight neck check and a narrow body check in left side. Maker’s name incised in the bottom, “Francis C. Nichols, Decoys, Canada Goose, Harwich, Cape Cod.” 500-1000 89 1194263 text.indd 89 6/20/19 11:49 AM 1194263 text_089 Page 89 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black