1. Mason Factory of Detroit, MI. Glass Eye Blue winged teal drake. Excellent original condition. Narrow check in bottom Tight/narrow check in mid body, glass eyes. 400-800 2. Mason Factory, Detroit, MI, Detroit Grade Standard Blue-Winged Teal Hen. Excellent original condition. Glass eye. 400-800 3. Blue-winged teal drake by the Dodge Decoy co. of Detroit, MI (C1880). Remarkable excellent original paint from a bird of this period. 2 checks in upper right hand side have been refilled except for 2 in upper body. Beautifully painted. 400-600 1 2 3 4 5 6 4. Dodge factory blue-winged teal hen with glass eyes in original gunning condition. Chip out of bottom of bill. Hit by shot. (C1880) Appears to be a rig mate to the drake. Slight wear on neck and on the middle of the left side. 400-600 5. Hays factory blue-winged teal hen with glass eyes. In very nice original condition with light gunning wear. 500-750 6. Mason Factory, Detroit, MI, rare painted eye canvasback drake. Paint touchup on bill and in tail area. 150-250 3 1194263 text.indd 3 6/20/19 11:46 AM 1194263 text_003 Page 3 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black