In the early 60’s Dr. Harold C. Nicklesen of British Columbia or- dered several decoys from Davey Nichol of Smith’s Falls, Ontario and Cliff Avann of Toronto. Until last year these decoys sat on shelves in his hunting and fishing camp in B. C. While his order slips were not found the correspondence to him from both carvers exist. In Avanns letter and price list sent to Dr. he writes that all his days are now spent hunting ducks, writing poetry, training labradors and making decoys. In Nichols letter to the good Dr. he mentions the similarity between two bodies of water, Canim Lake and Rideau Lake which lies about halfway between Ottawa and Kingston. A bill totaling $90 is included with a list of birds to be shipped is also included and Nichols is re- questing shipping instructions. The following decoys are all the re- main except for three or four from the original order. 70 70. Extremely rare Richardson’s Goose, by Davey Nichol, Dec 1962. Excellent original unused Condition, Carved wings, tail, bill and relief body detail. 1000-2000 detail detail 33 1194263 text.indd 33 6/24/19 7:44 AM 1194263 text_033 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black