264 detail 264. Canada goose decoy by A. E. Crowell, East Harwich, MA. With large tack eyes, two piece head and neck and nicely carved bill detail. Original paint in excellent condition. Some rubs to the surface. Tiny chip at one side of the bill tip was darkened. Typical bottom check. Deep clean impressed oval brand indicates a date 12000-18000 265. Huge, “Loomer”, Canada goose decoy c1920 by Joseph Lincoln of Accord, MA. Is one of the largest in a rig of six found in a barn in Kingston, MA. Two-piece head & neck. Chip off the bottom of the bill and base of the neck. In fine original paint with a few imperfections. There is a small area of dry rot on the bottom rear corner. Metal strap break. 1000-2000 Measures, 56” L x 19” H x 36¼” at the head. These huge decoys were made for use on large waters in tandem with live decoys. Live decoys were outlawed by an amendment to the Migratory Bird Act in 1935. This particular decoy was made for use on Silver Lake in Kingston, MA. The rig of six loomer geese, several nesting scoter shadows, huge solid body black ducks were found by Colburn C. Wood Jr. of Plymouth, MA. in the 1970’s. 1000-2000 265 detail c1914-1916. 84 1194263 text.indd 84 6/25/19 8:23 AM 1194263 text_084 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black