437 437. Mallard drake c1930 by Eddie Granier, Kraemer and Edgard, LA. Original paint. Even wear, glass eyes, carved bill and carved raised primary wing feathers. 800-1200 438. Mallard drake by Clement Eustas of Louisiana. A bold, high head carving with an upswept tail. Has what appears to be an inlet bottom board and is probably hollow. Original paint with moderate gunning wear. Worst side pictured. Chip off underside of bill has been darkened. Roughage to tail tip, top of head and lower sides. Line wrap mark on neck. Bottom and tail have the conjoined JH –NO/ LA brand. Provenance: Jimmy Hannemann Collection. 1,500-2,000 438 139 1194263 text.indd 139 6/20/19 11:51 AM 1194263 text_139 Page 139 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black