114. Golden Plover in Spring Plumage from Nantucket, MA. ca 1900. In excellent original paint with glass eyes and a baleen bill splined through the head. Beetlehead Form. 900-1200 115. Golden Plover from Nantucket, MA, ca 1880-1900. In fine dry original paint. Baptized by shot. Grain lines visible on the left side. Bill is carved in one piece with the head and body. 800-1200 116. Lesser Yellowlegs by Frank Adams,(1971-1944) MV, MA. Near mint condition with exceptional dry original paint. See “Martha’s Vineyard Decoys” by Stanley Murphy p22, plate 11 and 12. Decoy in the center of the three shown is this exact decoy. 900-1200 114 115 116 Shorebirds by Frank Benson. 50 1194263 text.indd 50 6/20/19 11:48 AM 1194263 text_050 Page 50 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black