270. Bluebill Drake by A. E. Crowell, East Harwich, MA. In exceptional original paint with few minor imperfections. The consigner purchased this as a gift for her father when she was six years old. Saving her 25 cent weekly allowance for many months allowed her to go to an upstate New York auction sixty five years ago and buy it for $5.00. 2750-3500 271. Wonderful early red-breasted merganser C 1900 by an unknown maker, found in Town Cove, Orleans, MA by Larry Brewster when just a boy of 5 years old. Original old paint with considerable wear but pleasing nonetheless. Four piece laminated construction. Tiny chews to end of bill, and a small in the making repair made to a wood flaw in the upper body. 800-1200 272. Shadow tucked head red-breasted merganser drake c1890 by A. E. Crowell. In the same design as the full-bodied Ed Long merganser decoy, purchased by Cap Vinal for over $200,000. Excellent original paint. 500-1000 273. Full bodied black duck by A. E. Crowell c1916- 1918, in excellent structural condition. The head paint is original and the body has over-paint and some original paint. Typical rasp work on the back of the head and breast. Early clear oval brand on the bottom. 800-1200 271 272 273 270 86 1194263 text.indd 86 6/24/19 8:45 AM 1194263 text_086 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black