171 172 173 170 170. Lesser Scaup from VA with a number of in use repairs and coats of paint together with a merganser in the VA style with a factory body and a hand carved head a la Jester. 100-200 171. Pintail drake by Lloyd Tyler who definitely believed in a lengthy pintail form. Check in left side of head. Wonderful old wood with checks in body, one on left side of head. Original gunning paint by Lloyd Tyler. 500-1000 172. Elongated pintail drake by Doug Jester who appears to be making pintails much in the manner of LLoyd Tyler. Tip of bill has slight “puppy chews”. Neck check. Paint appears to be excellent and original. 500-1000 173. Bluebill Drake by Ira Hudson Chincoteague, VA. In good structural gunning condition. Paint is old working paint. A fine example of his early “football” form. 200-400 64 1194263 text.indd 64 6/24/19 8:47 AM 1194263 text_064 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black