317. Ruddy Duck Drake by Harold Haertel (1904-1995). Turned head and tail in display. Excellent original condition in all respects. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 800-1200 317 318 319 320 319. Turned Head Baldpate Drake by John Scheeler, (1925-1987) Mays Landing, NJ. In excellent original condition. In his lifetime he won the World Championship Decorative Lifesize competition seven times and over 200 first place and Best in Show 1972 awards at other competitions. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 2500-3500 320. Turned Head Baldpate Hen by John Scheeler, (1925-1987) Mays Landing, NJ. Excellent original condition. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 2500-3000 318. Turned Head Ruddy Duck Hen by Davison Hawthorne (1923-2018) Salisbury, MD. Excellent original condition. Mounted on a rectangular base and signed “Ruddy Duck by Davison Hawthorne, Salisbury, MD, 1958”. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 500-750 102 1194263 text.indd 102 6/24/19 10:19 AM 1194263 text_102 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black