101. Pair of sleek Red-breasted Mergansers with leather crests and glass eyes by Martin Collins, noted carver from MA. In excellent original condition. 600-900 102. American merganser drake by Marty Collins with his metal makers tag on the bottom. Approximately 20” from bill tip to tail. In excellent original condition in all respects. Outstanding example by this talented maker. 400-600 103. Red-breasted Merganser Drake by James H. Whitney, Falmouth Foreside, ME. Typical Oversized (21 in bill to tail) decoy. It is in excellent original paint. Tight upper body check. Glass eyes. 300-500 104. Oversized (22 IN bill to tail) Black Duck branded “J. H. Whitney” on the bottom. Tight bottom check, typical painted eyes. In excellent original paint. 300-400 101 102 103 104 47 1194263 text.indd 47 6/24/19 10:14 AM 1194263 text_047 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black