204. Life size Ruffed Grouse by Mike Borrett, Madison, WI. Excellent original condition and mounted in the flying position on a grain painted post and pedestal. An impressive carving by this maker. 900-1200 205. Blue-Winged Teal Drake by Jack Franco, Assonet, MA. Excellent original condition. Franco, a top tier carver, who sold his work through Crossroads of Sport, NY. A prestigious outlet for Sportsmen. 500-1000 206. Rare standing oldsquaw drake by Marty Collins, Noted MA carver. Excellent original condition. only known example we are aware of. Stamped with Collins, on the bottom of the mount. 500-1000 207. Red-Tail Hawk by Stan Sparre (1923-2011). Approx. 1/4 life size. Excellent original condition. 200-300 208. Flicker by Stan Sparre (1923-2011), approx 2/3 life size. In excellent original condition. 200-300 204 205 208 207 206 71 1194263 text.indd 71 6/20/19 11:48 AM 1194263 text_071 Page 71 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black