335. Pair of 2/3 size decoy model mallard drake carvings on rectangular stained wooden bases by A. E. Crowell of East Harwich, MA., c1920s. Both have carved and fluted tails and carved wing tips. The paint is outstanding. Excellent original condition. Bottom of bases has glued felt on the surface and both have the impressed rectangular brand on the ends of the bases. 9500-12,500 336. Life size red-headed woodpecker on a natural bark wall plaque by A E Crowell. Excellent original condition, glass eyes, with hanging hardware on the back of the mount. 3500-5500 337. Life size downy woodpecker with an atypical nail bill on a pine branch section purchased at an Oliver Auction in the 1980’s as a Crowell with hardware for hanging. Excellent original condition. 2000-3000 338. Miniature American merganser drake in the reaching pose by A. E. Crowell, East Harwich, MA. In excellent original condition. Impressed rectangular brand on the bottom of the base. 1600-2000 339. Miniature Goldeneye Drake by A. E. Crowell, (1862-1952). In excellent original condition with an impressed rectangular brand and “Goldeneye Male” in pencil on the bottom of the base. 1400-1800 336 338 337 335 339 109 1194263 text.indd 109 6/20/19 11:50 AM 1194263 text_109 Page 109 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black