235. Miniature standing Wood Duck Drake by Ralph Laurie from Hingham, MA. In excellent original condition. Two Laurie ink stamps on the bottom. Carvings by Laurie are few and Wood Ducks are particularly rare. Ellery Clark Collection. 500-1000 236. Miniature half model flyer mallard drake on a fancy plaque set to hang. In excellent original condition. See photo of tag on the back of the plaque by A. E. Crowell. 1800-2200 237. Life Size Ruffed Grouse by Arnold Melbye. An outstanding achievement by Cape Cod’s noted bird carver. See “Masters of Decorative Carving for bio information and photos of carvings by this maker. Excellent Condition except for a ding on the underside tip of the bill. Dated under the tail “Arnold Melbye, 1962”. An attached brass tag on the bottom reads ”To My Pal Steve, A. Melbye, 90”. As an aside, in 1962 a similar example of a grouse was offered by Richard Bourne estimated at $4000-$6000. Mr. Melbye took exception as he was selling them in the $10,000 range and let auctioneer know he was insulted. 5000-10000 235 236 237 alternate view 77 1194263 text.indd 77 6/24/19 8:06 AM 1194263 text_077 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black