274. Full-body black duck by A. E. Crowell c1915-1918, in all Crowell paint that appears to be a second coat. Typical rasp work on the back of the head and breast. early clear oval and Pequaw Honk Club brands on the bottom. 800-1200 275. Full-bodied Canada goose by A. E. Crowell in good old gunning paint. Oval brand and a partial Pequaw Honk Club brand on the bottom. Large chip is off the top of the tail. 400-600 276. Goldeneye Drake Decoy by A. E. Crowell painted by Harold Gibbs. Separation in bottom board on one side, Tight checks in head, otherwise structurally good. 200-400 277. Early Merganser Hen c1910-1920, by Keyes Chadwick (1865-1958), Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Typical circular inlet weight, tack eyes, In OP with average in use wear. Only known hen made in this early racy style. See Martha’s Vineyard Decoys by Stanley Murphy, page 26 and 57 for hen and color plate E, page 43 for matching drake. Provenance Winward Prescott. 4000-6000 274 275 276 277 87 1194263 text.indd 87 6/24/19 8:51 AM 1194263 text_087 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black