424. Ringbill drake by Robert Elliston (1849-1915) Beautifully comb painted. Very fine original paint. Tight check in lower bill. Used as a ring bill but may have started life as a bluebill. White may have been added on the bill. 500-1,000 425. Ringbill Drake by Virgil Lashbrook of Pekin, IL. In excellent original condition. Head turned sharply to the left, glass eyes. 400-600 426. Redhead pair by Virgil Lashbrook with the heads turned somewhat. Both have the strip lead weight with the Lashbrook name and Pekin, IL. Virtually mint. 500-750 427. Bluebill Drake by Rudolf Maurer (1865-1939), of Pekin, IL. In aged darkened original paint. Drip of green paint from top of tail to bottom of decoy. Three- piece body construction. 300-500 424 425 426 427 135 1194263 text.indd 135 6/24/19 2:10 PM 1194263 text_135 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black