420. Mallard Hen by Leonard Doran, of Pekin, Il (1895-1965) in very good original paint. Timed darkened paint with a small chip out of bill. Original break in bill repaired, nicely feather painted. 400-600 421. Mallard Drake by George Kessler of Pekin Il (1868-1955). Hot brand E McD on Bottom. Long lead weight. Original paint, painted tack eyes. In Use Gunning repairs to bill. 300-500 422. Deep-bodied mallard drake by Perry Wilcoxen, (1862-1954) of Liverpool, IL. In excellent original condition. Tight neck check. Pair of lead weights on bottom. Steep sides and high head. 600-900 423. Pintail Drake c1910) by Herman Fouts (1880-1957) Liverpool, IL. In excellent original condition with age related darkening. 400-600 420 421 422 423 134 1194263 text.indd 134 6/20/19 11:50 AM 1194263 text_134 Page 134 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black