312 313 311C 311C. Bold life size pair of standing canvasbacks by Homer Lawrence of Norwalk, CT. Both heads turned slightly to the left. Both have carved and crossed wingtips and small fluted tails. Finely carved bills. Drake is mounted on a carved and painted “rock” base and the hen is presented on a curved natural log section. All with original paint. “Homer Lawrence” burned into each base and both have the small painted “S. Riffe” painted on the base. Riffe and Mrs. Homer shared the painting of the decoys. The hen has a later penned inscription of “1963”. 1800-2200 312. Western Grebe by Harold Haertel (1904-1995), West Dundee, IL. In excellent original condition. Bottom reads “ IV Western Grebe by Harold Haertel, 1970”. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 800-1200 313. Preening Western Grebe in Summer Plumage by Harold Haertel, (1904-1995). In excellent original condition “Western Grebe in Summer Plumage by Harold Haertel, 1970” in ink on the bottom. Provenance Grobaker Collection. 900-1200 100 1194263 text.indd 100 6/24/19 9:18 AM 1194263 text_100 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black