370 371 372 370. Mallard Drake by Perry Wilcoxen of Liverpool, IL. In excellent original condition with a tight neck check. Collector’s sticker on bottom reads “1862- 1954”. 500-700 371. Mallard Hen by Walter “Tube” Dawson (1882- 1955). In good original paint. 300-500 372. Mallard Hen by John Newt Rule of Beardstown, IL (1870-1949). Hollow carved. In good original gunning condition. In Decoy and Decoy Carvers of Illinois by Parmalee and Loomis, on page 429, the authors state, “He spent most of his life, hunting and fishing on the Illinois River at Beardstown”. See plates 378 and 380 for pictures of his decoys. 300-500 121 1194263 text.indd 121 6/20/19 11:50 AM 1194263 text_121 Page 121 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black