On November 16, in the year 1925 Dr. Davenport West of New York City and Harwichport, MA. typed a short message to Elmer Crowell to wit “My dear Mr. Crowell: Will you please proceed with the making of the following birds, life size:” with this request Elmer (Anthony Elmer Crowell) would honor Dr. West’s request by creating 15 handsomely carved songbirds for the good Dr. The nuthatch, which is missing, was given away years ago. In addition Dr. West added: “There will probably be additions to this list, but I am sending you this list now so that there will be no further delay. I shall value these birds and I assure you of my appreciation of your craftsmanship. Sincerely, Davenport West”. It is obvious from this short note that Dr. West had a deep respect for the talents of this Cape Cod bird carving pioneer. Total price for the 15 birds was $100. All were priced between $5.00 and $10.00. On July 22, 1931 Elmer delivered another four carvings. A Kingfisher with a fish in the bill, a pine warbler, a sparrow “Cifi”, and a screech owl. Crowell’s receipt, is dated July 22, 1931. Despite the fact that this was during the Great Depression, prices had risen. The four birds totaled $54. versus $100 for the 15 delivered in August of 1927 during the end of the “Roaring Twenties”. It appears the art of this bird carver was not affected negatively value- wise despite this difficult period. Something that still holds true today. In the art world provenance of an item or a collection of works is a guarantee of authenticity and the extant of that provenance often dictates the value of an object of art. The provenance of these carvings were transferred from the hand of the artist to Dr. West of Harwichport, to Dr. West’s Grandson, to the public offering in this catalog. This line of previous ownership is impeccable. We are honored to have been chosen to disperse the Dr. Davenport West collection. To the new collector caretakers we say, enjoy! Ted Harmon 23. Rare, wonderful and desirable rose-breasted grosbeak. Only known example by Crowell to date. Beautiful color with soft feather blending. In all original paint, form and superb original condition. Oval hot brand, #12, and signed in script A.E. Crowell. 7500-9500 Dr. Davenport West ColleCtion 8 1194263 text.indd 8 6/24/19 7:42 AM 1194263 text_008 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black