217 218 217. Large miniature caller flying Canada goose half model wall mount by A. E. Crowell. In excellent original condition excepting 3 or 4 tiny drops of sap on the surface detract. Made for Dr. Ralph French of Westport, MA. Crowell hunted with French and the Mills family. On the back of wall mount a note in Crowell’s own hand, reads “To my dear friend Dr old gander Tom, Elmer Crowell, Cape Cod.” Eleven (11) inches in length from tail tip to bill tip. 6000-9000 218. Exquisite miniature hanging Canada goose by A. E. Crowell. Without question the finest miniature carving we have seen by this master bird carver. Magnificently carved plump body and fluted tail with outstretched wings that fold around the body with detailed carving on the tail, head and bill. The feather painting is of the highest quality. Made for Everett Beaumont Mills, Elmer Crowell’s friend and founder of the Pequaw Honk Club, located on Quicksand Pond in Westport, MA. Crowell was the maker of the clubs decoys and provided maintenance for the decoy rigs used at the club. 8000-12000 detail 74 1194263 text.indd 74 6/24/19 8:55 AM 1194263 text_074 Page 1 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black