387. Canvasback Drake by Frank Resop, (1875-1953) of Berlin, WI. Glass Eyes. An extremely large decoy, it measures 18” Bill to tail and body height is 5”, beam is 8 ½” ). Swan-like elegant attitude, In what appears to be good old mostly original paint gunning condition. Struck by shot, tight neck check. Relief carved wingtips. 1000-2000 388. Oversize Redhead drake from the Winnebago Lakes by Frank Strey (1890-1966) Oshkosh, WI. Comb painting on upper and lower body, some wear to lower sides, all or almost all original paint, glass eyes. 17” Bill to tail. 800-1200 389. Canvasback drake by Gus Nelow (1882-1962) Lake Winnebago area. Oversize decoy. Possibly all original, cracking at the neck seat with filler missing, tight check on neck. 500-1000 390. Wisconsin Bluebill drake c1900s. Appears to be in good old original paint. Glass eye. Carved incised lines on bill. 500-750 391. Bufflehead drake gunning decoy by William Schultz (1925-1983) of Scandinavia, WI. In excellent original condition. Schultz carved his first decoy in 1939 at age 14. In 1973 he went full time into carving and painting winning over 500 awards including a 1977 Best in the World at the Ward Foundation’s World Championship Carving Competition. Schultz won his fist blue ribbon in 1948 for a bufflehead decoy. Perhaps this one? 800-1200 392. Bluebill drake Decoy by One Arm Kellie of Monroe, MI (1925). In fine gunning condition with a few tight body checks. Filler missing from neck, strip weight removed, and glass eyes. Sliver of wood missing from side near bottom, rough surface on back. 500-750 387 389 391 388 390 392 127 1194263 text.indd 127 6/20/19 11:50 AM 1194263 text_127 Page 127 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black