44 45 43 46 47 43. Miniature Crook Necked Canada Goose by A. E. Crowell (1862-1952) East Harwich, MA. in XOC. Impressed rectangular brand, 2.50 in pencil on the bottom of the base. 4500-6500 44. Miniature low head wood duck drake c1910 by A. E. Crowell. In excellent vibrant original paint. Excellent condition in all respects. One of his most pleasing attitudes and almost always reserved for his wood duck drakes. 2000-2200 45. Miniature Red-breasted Merganser Drake c1910 by Elmer Crowell. Predates brand or stamp of any kind. An early example of Crowell’s mastery of the carving art. Excellent and original. 1800-2400 46. Miniature Dowitcher c1900 by Elmer Crowell, Turned Head. Paper label identifying specie on bottom is incorrect. Bill replaced professionally by Steve Weaver. Some wear to lower areas of base. 2500-3500 47. Miniature Dowitcher c1910 by A. E. Crowell. In excellent original condition in all respects. These somewhat smaller miniature shorebirds are his earliest and most desirable. 2500-3500 THE NEXT ELEVEN (11) LOTS WERE OBTAINED BY BARTER WITH ELMER CROWELL BY HORACE BEARSE IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS PLUMBING SERVICES. THEY ARE ALL VERY EARLY AND EXCEPTIONAL. 28 1194263 text.indd 28 6/20/19 11:47 AM 1194263 text_028 Page 28 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black