Ellery Clark was a good friend. He always referred to me as “Honest Ted Harmon” and would address his letters to me in that manner. Ellery was extremely proud of his ancestry and the fact his father was one of the original modern Olympians that competed in Greece. He was also enamored with the fact that his family purchased and shot over decoys made by Joseph Whiting Lincoln. Captain Clark, a Harvard gradu- ate, taught English and History at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. 130. Solid Body Widgeon Hen by Joe Lincoln from the Rice Rig. Excellent original condition even wear overall. Glass eyes. 1500-3000 131. American Merganser Drake by Joe Lincoln 1901. Oversized, made for the Clark Family of Cohasset. Old paint plus original paint, tack eyes, check in the body. appears to have a coat of sealer or linseed type oil on the surface. 1000-2000 130 131 THE ELLERY CLARK COLLECTION 54 1194263 text.indd 54 6/20/19 11:48 AM 1194263 text_054 Page 54 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black