382 383 382. Mallard hen by Ben Schmidt (1884-1968) of Centerline, MI. Time darkened excellent original paint. Pair of tight body checks. Hollow construction with an attached bottom board. Showing very light in use wear. 500-1000 383. Rare example of a blue-winged teal hen by Frank Resop (1875-1953) of Berlin, WI. In excellent original condition. Resop was born in Poland and immigrated at the age of 3. As a young man he loved to hunt and shortly after he married he moved to South Dakota. He started making decoys around 1910 and only for his own use and that of his friends. 2000-4000 125 1194263 text.indd 125 6/20/19 11:50 AM 1194263 text_125 Page 125 28-Jun-19 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black