Record Selling Decoys

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Crowell screech owl

Screech owl by Crowell $5462.50.

Wilson willet

Thomas Wilson feeding willet $220,000.

Bowman yellowlegs

Bowman yellowlegs found on Martha's Vineyard sold for $28,750.

Crowell yellowlegs

Crowell preening summer yellowlegs $16,100.

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins made as bookends by Charles Hart of marblehead, MA. $3450.

Webb mini goose

Swimming Canada goose miniature by Lewis Webb Hill $2587.50.

AJ King mallards

A J King mallards brought a solid $3750.

A J King ruddy ducks

Pair of exquisite A J King ruddy ducks sold high at $5750.

Early transition peep

Early transition peep sold for $18,400.

A J King snow goose family

A J King Snow Goose family brought $5750.

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