Record Selling Decoys

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Rare Massachusetts peep decoy, Chipman family

Sold for $31,050.

Black-bellied plover attributed to Tom Wilson

Sold for $120,750.

Rare pair of miniature goldeneyes by George Boyd

Sold for $6325.

Miniature pair of American mergansers by George Boyd

Sold for $7187.50.

Miniature night herons by George Boyd

Sold for $19,550.

Blue-winged teal drake by the Lem Ward

Sold for $9775.

Brant by the Ward Bros

Sold for $6900.

Redhead hen decoy by the Ward Brothers

Sold for $9200.

Readhead drake by the Ward Bros.

Sold for $12,650.

Goldeneye drake by the Ward Bros.

Sold for $17,250.