Record Selling Decoys

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Hollow two-piece peep decoy, Chipman family

Sold for $92,000.

Hollow black-bellied plover decoy attributed to Tom Wilson

Sold for $74,750.

Miniature swimming brant by Joseph Lincoln

Sold for $4542.50.

Miniature brant decoy by Joseph Lincoln

Sold for $4370.

Miniature wood duck drake by Joseph Lincoln, Accord, MA.

Sold for $6612.50.

Pair of Evans Factory canvasback decoys

Sold for $11,212.50.

Mason Factory Premier Grade blue winged teal

Sold for $9315.

Merganser hen decoy by Anthony Elmer Crowell

Sold for $16,100.

Red-breasted merganser drake by Anthony Crowell

From the Mayo rig. Sold for $50,600.

Massachusetts yellowlegs decoy, Chipman family

Sold for $143,750.