Good Evening,
I finally just got around to opening up the box with the decoys that I purchased in your summer auction. They are exactly as I expected and they will make a fine gift for my wife who is the decoy collector. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. Hope to find more in next year’s auction.
As Always,
Ralph Deda

Hi Ted,
Just returned from the Adirondack Show week to find your check waiting. The result you achieved for the Red Fox Family and the Tinny far exceeded my expectations!  You, your family and staff are the best.
Thank you,
Dave Kittredge

We were extremely pleased with the results of last summer’s auctions and absolutely will put the word out for anyone we know that might have future ducks they want to sell to contact you all for sure.
Holly Guidry

I have known Ted for more than 12 years. During that time, I have had many opportunities to meet with Ted at his home, travel with him in the pursuit of a decoy collection and attend his annual decoy auctions. I have purchased from Ted both privately and at auction, highly valuable decoys. Some valuable decoys, I have purchased from Ted (without seeing) over the phone based on both his description of the item, provenance and current market valuations.
While attending Ted’s annual decoy auctions, I have met numerous people that enjoy the hobby of collecting decoys. Obviously, Ted’s name would come up during various conversations. He always mentioned as a “great guy” and I’m sure that the many dozens of people that attend his auctions and deal privately with Ted would say that both talking with him and acquiring one of his details is a fine experience. He’s honest and I can always rely on his word.
Ted is a friend of mine and of many others. Whatever he’s doing, he always has time for a chat. He is known as “the best in the business”.
Dale Farrell, Owner, Farrell Fine Arts & Antiques

It was so nice to sit and chat with you today, I consider you the best.
Bill Sarni