• crowell bufflehead
    Sold for $207,000.
  • heron and egret marquee
    Miniature egret and great blue heron by Anthony Elmer Crowell both set back to back new auction records at $25,875 for the egret, and $31,050 for the heron.
  • Crowell dowitcher
    Sold for $28,750.
  • Bowman Yellowlegs marquee
    Bowman yellowlegs found on Martha’s Vineyard, sold for $28,750.
  • Crowell mockingbird marquee
    An animated walking mockingbird by Anthony Elmer Crowell brought $13,500.
  • crowell black-bellied plover
    Sold for $40,250.
  • Wilson willet marquee
    Thomas Wilson feeding willet $220,000.
  • rare hollow bluebill Smith
    Sold for $25,300.
  • Gardner Dexter dowitcher marquee
    A superb example of a dowitcher by Gardner-Dexter brought $18,400.
  • red knot marquee
    Exquisite red knot in emerging spring plumage by John Dilley realized $51,750.
  • sterling pintail marquee
    Exceptional example of a Lloyd Sterling pintail drake sold for $37,375.
  • Canada Goose Boyd
    Carter collection. Sold for $109,250.
  • chipman turned head yellowlegs
    Sold for $143,750.
  • preening mini pintail
    Sold for $25,300.
  • 142 black bellied wilson plover
    Sold for $120,750.
  • Crowell red-breasted merg
    From the Mayo rig. Sold for $50,600.
  • hollow plover chipman
    Sold for $48,300.
  • hollow peep chipman
    Sold for $92,000.
  • pintail Hudson
    Sold for $69,000.
  • mini night herons
    Sold for $19,550.


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